In a lecture on presentations being given the other day to advanced foreign learners of Japanese, there was a student who imitated Steve Job’s presentation style, but the Japanese people attending gave him a low evaluation.

So, let’s take a look at some important points that non-Japanese people need to know when giving a presentation in Japanese.


Learn the orthodox Japanese style well

When giving presentation in Japanese, there will probably be people in the audience who do not understand English very well.

Japanese people of this type are not used to presentations of the type Steve Jobs would give.

Actually, most Japanese people are used to a very simple style like that in this video.


Polish your presentation until you get it right

Advanced Japanese speakers should aim to give a perfect presentation just like a Japanese person.

Ideally, the presentation should be logical, informative, and easy for Japanese people to understand. Mid-level Japanese speakers should think of ways to compensate for their incomplete knowledge of Japanese.

First, try to gain the good will of your company.

To accomplish this, we recommend that you convey the disadvantages of products and services in addition to the advantages.

The reason is that honestly stating disadvantages in a frank appeal can easily gain the trust of Japanese people.


Practice your presentation

Make a video of your presentation and review it.

If you don’t have a video camera, use a ?Bandicam.


Get feedback from two Japanese people

You should ask your Japanese teacher about the accuracy of your Japanese.Particularly make sure that your particles and sentence ending expressions are correct.You should also ask the opinion of a business person regarding the content.

Good luck on your presentation!



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