Technique of how to tell

March 16, 2018

Does anyone have trouble that you are not able to communicate well due to too straight expression?

Today, I will introduce a book to such people. It is [伝え方が9割] (つたえかたが9わり、Important things occupying 90% in the way to communicate).

I had the opportunity to listen to the lecture of Mr. Sasaki, the author of the book, and it was interesting, so I would like to introduce this book today.


Mr. Sasaki is also a copywriter and CM planner, and as a result of pursuing a good way of communicating, he insists on the following two things.

  • You can change scenes that are refused as “no” to “yes” if the way to tell is good!
  • If that can be done, life will surely change!


For example, if there is a person who wants to date, how do you invite?

He says there are three steps to change “no” to “yes”.

【1】 Do not use words in your head as it is.

【2】 Imagine the inside of the opponent’s head.

【3】 Make a wish consistent with the merit of the opponent.


According to this steps, not to say straight like “I want to data with you”. imagine what the other person likes (eg : He / She likes Italian food), “There is a restaurant that offers amazingly delicious pasta. Why don’t we go together?” Both have the same goal of inviting to “date”, but how to tell is quite different, right?


He asserts, “How to tell is not sense, it’s technique!”

It is not easy to learn the sense, but anyone should be able to master the technique if they study. If you are interested, why not try reading it?

For beginner level to intermediate level people, we also recommend the manga version.

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