How to Apply

Enrolling is a three-step procedure.

First, take a trial lesson (100% satisfaction guaranteed).


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The cost for a trial lessons is at 75% off the usual price.USD10 for Standard Plan (usual price is USD40)USD15 for Premium Plan (usual price is USD60)


Take the trial lesson

We will assign a teacher that meets your schedule and your requirements.Details arrangements regarding your trial lesson will be sent to you by email.Trial lessons last 50 minutes.


Enroll in J-OS!

If you are satisfied with your trial lesson buy official tickets.If you are not satisfied, contact our support staff.We will schedule another trial lesson for free or refund the cost of you trial ticket.

System requirements

You must have headset, web-cam, SKYPE and internet connection in order to take J-OS lessons.

  • Head Set
  • Web Camera

*Check SKYPE official website, for more info.

Apply for trial lesson

Now offering 100% satisfaction guaranteed trial lessons
If you are not satisfied with your trial lesson for any reason,we will reschedule another trial lesson for free or refund your money.

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