Top Class Teaching Staff

Top Class Teaching Staff

Just as you need an experienced guide to help you climb a mountain,you need an experienced teacher to help you learn a language.Just as a mountain climbing guide can give you advice on which is the safest,shortest route up the mountain and all the risks entailed, the Japanese language teachers at J-OS can successfully guide you in your Japanese language learning.

Only 6% of teachers can teach at J-OS

Japan Online School has established the strictest teacher selection standard in the industry, hiring only 6% of all teachers that apply.*

*Based on 2011 to 2013 data for the number of teachers registered versus total number of applicants.

Teacher Training

Only teachers that have completed training can give actual lessons to students.

Teachers are expected to continually work at improving their ability to give instruction, periodically engaging in follow-up conferences and further in-house education.

Therefore, J-OS even has three certified ACTFL-OPI testers! ACTFL-OPI certification is the most prestigious and highly sought after teaching accreditations in the world

Teacher profile

Ms. Iijima Masayo

Certified Japanese teacher
M.A in Japanese
Member of National Institute Japanese Language and Linguistics
Item writer(Examination for Japanese University Admission)
*Teaching experience : more than 20 years
*Mainly has been teaching : Business people, personnel unofficially decided pre-college students, housewife, high school students, etc.
*Message : Hello. If you can dream it, you can do it! Let's start studying Japanese language!
(Ms. Iijima is available only for Premium Plan.)

Ms. Okuyama Makiko

- Completed a Japanese Language Teacher Training Course at the Institute of International Education in London (IIEL)
- Taught Japanese at Imperial College (London, England)
- After that, freelance Japanese teacher (students like bankers, lawyers, college students etc.)
- ACTFL-OPI Certified Tester

Ms. Horita Masae

- Graduated from Department of Language & Culture, Faculty of Humanities, Yamaguchi University
- Completed the NAFL Japanese Instructor Education Program
- Completed a Japanese Language Teacher Training Course at Educational Information Research Institute
- ACTFL-OPI Certified Tester

Ms. Yates Yachiyo

Certified Japanese teacher
Teaching Japanese School (junior high school) in the US for 12 years
over 20 years of teaching experience
Completed Japanese Teacher's Qualification Course (NAFL Institute)
Certified Japanese K-12 teacher from the State of Florida, USA
Member of Association of Teachers of Japanese (ATJ)
Member of Florida Teachers of Japanese (AFTJ)
*Message : Let’s study Japanese with me! It’s fun!
(Ms. Yates is available only for Premium Plan.

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