This Q&A covers information about Japan Online School.

About J-OS (Japan online school)

What is J-OS(Japan online school)?
Japan Online School is the world's first online Japanese language school.(since 2004)
We offer one-to-one Japanese lessons with qualified Japanese teachers using SKYPE.
From what country are there many students?
51 countries(as of Mar 2017)(alphabetical order)
Australia, Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Qatar, Russian, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Trinidad and Tobago, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, U.K,U.S.A, Vietnam
What kind of student is the most common?
The percentage of business people appears to be higher than at other schools.
Feel free to consult with us. We offer private lessons and can meet any needs at any level.

About lesson times and reservation

From what time to what time, are lessons available?
Lessons are performed 24hours a day.
How long is one lesson?
One lesson is 50 minutes but longer lessons are also possible as long as you have available ticket(s).
We count 1 ticket for a 50 minute class, 1.5 tickets for a 75 minute class, 2 tickets for a 100 minute class, and so on.
How shall I make a reservation?
You can use our online reservation system.
Can I have my desired reservation time each time?
Since other teachers are available and can take classes if your desired teacher is not available, in almost all cases, it is OK.
When is the time-limit for cancellation?
12 hours before the lesson
If you cancel your lesson in time, there will be no charge. However, if the cancellation is made after the deadline, we will count the relevant ticket.

About prices and payment

How much is tuition?
It vary according to plan and package of tickets, please see our price list
What is the difference between the two plans?
There are two main differences between the two as follows:
1. Lecturers' experience
J-OS teachers are experienced Japanese language teachers who more than met our strict hiring standards. With the premium plan, lessons conducted by industry's leading Japanese language teachers are available.
2. Reservation and cancellation methods
Only reservation system is possible with the standard plan, while the premium plan allows you to make reservations and cancellations by phone or email.
For details, click here
When should I pay tuition?
It is a prepayment system. After purchasing tickets, you can take a lesson.
Can I pay with a credit card?
Yes. Credit card is availabe with PayPal.
Is the textbook cost included in the tuition fee?
No, it is not included. If a J-OS teacher recommends a textbook which you don't have and if you accept it, you will be required to purchase it by yourself. If there is a specific textbook that you would like to use please ask us if any J-OS teachers also have that one.
Are any discounts available?
A volume discount is available depending on the number of tickets you purchase.
Cancellation procedure
(1) within 8 days

"Cooling-off System". A newly registered member can cancel the contract free of charge if the cancellation procedure is completed within 8 days, starting from the day after J-OS informs him/her of the completion of application (formation of the contract).

(2) after the 8 days

If J-OS receives the member's cancellation of the service after the first 8 days, J-OS shall refund purchased tickets as indicated below;

Unit price of tickets purchased X the number of remaining tickets - 10,000 yen

*J-OS will deduct 10,000 yen as a cancellation fee.

*J-OS will not refund the registration fee or the fee for the tickets used.

*Bank fees for any refunds are the sole responsibility of the member who is terminating the service.

*For further information, please read our terms of use (section 13)

About teachers and staff

Are J-OS teachers licensed to teach?
Yes, all teachers are fully qualified and licensed.
All of our teachers have passed the strictest selection criteria in the industry and have completed our own in-house training.
To search for a teacher, click here
Can teachers speak my mother tongue?
At present, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch , Czech, Chinese, Korean, Thai etc. are available.
Lessons are basically performed in Japanese. (* Direct method) Since teachers have abundant experience, there are almost no students who have a lot of trouble. If you want a bilingual teacher, please ask us which languages can be offered.
*(Direct Method): Teaching directly using the target language without using the student's native language.
Are teachers changed each time?
Almost all learners have chosen a favorite Japanese teacher for continuous lessons. Of course, teachers can be changed if you get bored with the same person or feel you are not compatible.

About contents of lessons and teaching materials

Is there a textbook? Must I use it?
In principle, we use commercially available textbooks.
Textbooks to use vary depending on course and level, please check details on each course page.
If you already have it, you do not need to purchase a new one.
I’m worried because I have not studied Japanese at all. Is it alright?
No problem at all. In a beginner class, we teach carefully from fundamental greetings and words and we also teach you Hiragana so please do not worry.
Do you have any lessons for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Yes, we do.
Many students at J-OS have taken and passed the N1 and N2 level exams.
We’ll help you pass the JLPT, too!
What lessons are available for advanced students?
As one example, you can have practice discussions centered on practicing and understanding business presentations.
What is the curriculum like?
Because lessons are one-to-one, we create curricula specific to each student.
If you don’t have anything specific in mind, you can take a look at our General Curriculum
How many times per week do you recommend lessons?
This can depend on your goals, learning environment, individual capabilities, and the amount of time you can study on your own, but generally we recommend two lessons or more per week to students who want to progress quickly.

About connection method and PC

What should I do to get ready for lessons?
Please check this page
Can I use a PC with a built-in mic?
Yes, but there can be problems with feedback, so we recommend you use a headset.
I don’t have a webcam. What should I do?
We recommend you use a web-cam, since the lesson can progress more comfortably if both people can see each other.