Since I gathered most of the information from the Internet, there are some information that I do not know whether it is true or not.

But, especially for those with dealings with companies on this list, I think that it will be a good story.

SONY (Sony)

It is combined the Latin “SONUS” which became the origin of English “SONIC” meaning sound, and English “SONNY” meaning boy.



“Cannon” was the first camera prototype machine with the thought of creating the best camera in the world with the help of Kannon(Avalokiteshvara).

It became English “Canon” because the pronunciation is similar and meaning of “standard”, “normality” are appropriate.


MINOLTA (Minolta)

Kana notation of “a ripening rice plant”.

※ Now merged with Konica and KONICA MINOLTA



Nippon Electric Company, Limited “that is written in English (Nippon Electric Company, Limited).


Sega (Sega)



Bridgestone (Bridgestone)

Founder’s surname “Ishibashi” in English, “Stone Bridge”, turning it over to “Bridge Stone”.


EDWIN (Edwin)

“D” and “E” of “DENIM” are reversed, turning “NIM” 180 degrees to convert it to “WIN” and convert it to richness of idea and to EDWIN.

It is enthusiastic to want to do free thought utilizing denim.

As another theory, there are many Japanese jeans makers in Okayama prefecture, there is also the theory that the company that is the Tokyo headquarters to compete with it, “Edo wins” = “Edo + WIN” originated.


Glico (Glyco)

From “glycogen” discovered from oyster broth.


Calbee (Calbee)

Composite word of calcium + vitamin B series.


MOS FOOD SERVICES (Moss food service)

Mos Burger’s MOS is an acronym for Mountain, Ocean, Sun respectively.

“Mountain, the sea, the sun” mean “with noble and dignified like a mountain”, “with a deep wide mind like the sea” and “with a passion that does not burn out like the sun”.


fumakilla (Fumakira)



Kao (Kao)

Face wash soap was initially called “face soap”. Face → Kao



The initials of Daigaku Honnyaku Center (University Translation Center).

Originally it was a company started from the translation industry and still uses its company name.


Chifure (Chihure cosmetics)

It is from the initials of the “National Regional Women’s Organization Liaison Council (Municipal Welfare Council.



It adds Service to products (Appeal, Unique, Tire, Oil, Battery, Accessory, Car audio) to be provided.

From the philosophy that AUTOBACS SEVEN’s official name SEVEN always keeps searching for the seventh product for customers.


Secom (Secom)

It is a coined word that abbreviates the word “Security Communication”.


MARUHA (Maruha)

It puts the wave round and puts in the meaning that it wishes for safe fishing. It is a source full of kindness that prayed for fisherman’s safety.


STUDIO GHIBLI (Studio Ghibli)

GHIBLI (ghibli) means “hot air blowing in the Sahara desert”.

Hot feelings such as “Make a whirlwind in Japanese animation world!” are put in it.


How was it?

I was most surprised at the origin of DHC.


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