Yes, there are some. I believe that magazines that are beneficial not only for reading comprehension practice but also for improving your business skills and increasing your knowledge are good. Therefore, I recommend the following four magazines.

No1: DIAMONDハーバード・ビジネス・レビュー (19,033 copies)
The Japanese edition of the Harvard Business Review, composed of a combination of HBR articles and original articles from the Japanese edition. It is composed of a combination of HBR articles and original articles from the Japanese edition, and has timely feature articles with substantial content.
Although it has a smaller circulation in Japan than the next magazine, this magazine is probably the best fit for LinkedIn users, as its content is geared toward executives and business leaders. Also, reading the Japanese version after understanding the content of the original English version will be less burdensome.

No2: 週刊東洋経済(85,833 copies)
In addition to feature articles that are in tune with the times, it also has many features on various companies, allowing you to keep abreast of the seasonality of the Japanese economy.

No3: PRESIDENT (263,383 copies)
This magazine was launched in 1963 as the Japanese edition of the U.S. magazine FORTUNE. It covers a wide range of topics from skill development to lifestyle.
Although it is described as a magazine for executives and business leaders, I have the impression that it is aimed at a slightly younger audience than DIAMOND Harvard Business Review. Be careful not to be misled by the title PRESIDENT.

No4: 週刊ダイヤモンド (85,833 copies)
In addition to economic, financial, and corporate information, it has a wealth of serial articles and columns, but most of the content is aimed at relatively young employees.
It is good for those whose reading comprehension is already high and who want to collect a wide range of information.

The best study materials will vary depending on your current Japanese language level, the environment in which you use Japanese, the nature of your work, your position, etc. We hope this article will be helpful to you.

*This post is based on “10 Japanese business magazines recommended for business Japanese learners!” which was uploaded on July 17, 2018. which is modified for LinkedIn users.
*The number in parentheses next to the title is the average circulation per issue of the most recent issue. (Source: Japan Magazine Publishers Association)
*The links to each magazine are the URLs of the back issues so that the trends can be seen.

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