Do you write Japanese?


There are many people who say, “I have a chance to speak Japanese, but I don’t have a chance to write. There are also many people who say, “I’m practicing speaking Japanese but not writing.


So, today I would like to tell you about the benefits of writing practice. You will be able to write for the first time if you have what you want to say organized in your mind and know the vocabulary and expressions. This means, conversely, that if you can write, you can say.


However, there is one point to note. hat is to write the amount and theme sentences that fits your level. It’s hard for a beginner to write long sentences on a complex topic. The target number of characters for each level is shown in the following table, so please refer to it.


Level Number(Time)


10 700 letters(3 mins)

9 600 letters(2 mins)

8 500 letters(2 mins)

7 400 letters(2 mins)

6 350 letters(1 mins)

5 300 letters(1 mins)

4 250 letters(1 mins)

3 200 letters(1 mins)

2 150 letters(1 mins)

1 100 letters(30sec)


*Level is based on J-OS’s ten-level.

*Time is the target speed to read the sentences you wrote and it almost same as the speed of the Japanese announcer.


It’s hard to practice writing, but that’s why it works. Please give it a try.

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