Anyone who climbs a mountain or runs a marathon approaches the challenge with a specific target timeframe and plan in mind.
Learning Japanese takes even more time than climbing a mountain or running a marathon.
And yet people try to learn Japanese without a specific target timeframe and plan in mind.

Motivation is more likely to decrease than increase for most people.
Motivation increases if you hang out with other motivated people
So, seek out other people who are working hard at learning Japanese.
If there is no Japanese language study group nearby, you can find such groups online such as on Facebook.
We also recommend that you take part in speech contests and give presentations.

<1>Motivation does not last

After all, people studying Japanese who have a strategic plan in mind are far more likely to succeed!
So, we’d like to tell you some things that anyone learning Japanese should know.

<2>People are forgetful??

German psychologists have demonstrated that there is a “forgetting curve”. People forget more of the new information they have learned as time passes.

People forget about 60% after 6 hours, and 70% after one day.
We therefore recommend multi-level review at the following times:
・Immediately after a lesson
・One day after a lesson
・Several days after a lesson

Reviewing material immediately after a lesson is particularly critical, so be sure to set aside time for review.

<3>Retention rate according to the study method

Results are completely different depending on the study method used even if the time spent studying is the same.
So, try to learn using the study methods with the highest rate of retention.
(For people taking lessons) Preview is essential to achieve this.

That’s all for today. We’ll tell you more in the days to come!


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