Naturally, people who have decided to live in Japan, sometimes feel like they want to go home.

I saw an article about what non-Japanese people say when they are asked which times make them feel like going back home. I’ll tell you some of the things they said.


You can read the original Japanese article below.


・When I want to see my friends and family

You can talk to them on Skype, but of course you would also like to have fun with them in person.

Try to make close friends in Japan so that you don’t get lonely!


・When I can’t express my feelings in Japanese

I also felt this way when I was living overseas. So, be sure to study your Japanese harder!


・When I can’t find a job other than teaching English conversation

In this day and age, I recommend trying to find an IT engineer job. The pay is good and a VISA is easy to get.


・When I get on a train fully packed with people

I don’t like it, either! (^_^;)

・When meetings at work drag on needlessly

One person said that even though Japanese people are very exact about starting on time, we don’t care so much about ending on time. We really are like that, aren’t we? Unfortunately, companies that have old corporate structures still hold lots of long meetings.

If there any of you out are lonely and don’t have any friends in Japan, please contact us.

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