“There is no audio example of the text that I want to read” is one of the problems foreigners often faced in self-studying Japanese. In this article, we will teach you how to solve this problem.


There are numerous audio materials that can be used for listening practices, such as textbooks attached with CDs and free YouTube movies. However, these are not the text that I want to read.

Japanese learners had no choice but to ask native Japanese like a Japanese instructor to read out the text.


Now, everyone can get audio examples of any text for free by using speech synthesis software.

Please visit the following site. (This page is only available in Japanese.)



  1. Choose a language
  2. Choose a voice actor
  3. Fill in the text you want to read out


The above three steps will help you get your own audio examples.


You can create your own text as below, it would be useful for practicing Japanese in various business settings such as interviews and presentations.


“I have been engaged in software development for smartphones in a system company in Dalian.”



“Thank you very much for the opportunity to make this presentation today, I will introduce our new products.”



“Keiko-san, please marry me! I will make you happy forever.”


Such private conversations are also okay.

Audio examples made by speech synthesis software are not perfect because it is mechanical sound, but I think it is sufficiently useful for self-studying.

Please try it!

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