Some of J-OS members may be studying Japanese language now for current work or for future career opportunities.

As for the question of when you should start studying for business Japanese, I recommend all Japanese learners to build up a basic knowledge of Japanese grammatical structures and vocabulary at first.

That is because most of Japanese expressions and terms often used in business situations are difficult and time-consuming to understand for the beginner level, which is not an efficient way of learning Japanese.

So, which stage will be the best to begin business Japanese for learners?

Although there are recently some business Japanese textbooks targeting beginner level, I should say that JLPT N3 or level 5 of J-OS level map are at least required.(Such factors as needs, urgency or receptiveness vary between individuals, of course.)

Skipping basic level of Japanese is something like beginning a triathlon without any previous preparation.

First of all, you need to improve your basic physical fitness by such step-by-step process as mastering 10 km marathon and then 1 km swimming. Secondly, try to extend the distance gradually with less impact on your body. Finally, as a result, you will be able to cross the finish line in less time than expected.

As you can see, making a realistic plan is an important key to successful Japanese language learning.


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