Do you have the opportunity to read Japanese business books?

Reading books written in Japanese will help you improve your Japanese reading comprehension.

If it is a business book, it is useful also for business skills UP, so it is two birds with one stone.



  • It is difficult to read Japanese books because it takes long time…
  • It is hard to choose a useful book for me…

For these reasons you may not be able to read?


Therefore, this time I will introduce services that will solve these troubles.

That is “book summary service”.

You may know getAbstract etc.


There are several similar services in Japan so I chose the following two from the point of view,

“Business books are handled a lot”

“Abstract quality is high”

“Site UI is good”


(1) Flier :


  • From topical books and masterpieces, celebrities such as managers and university professors, experts, etc. have chosen “books that business people should read now”.
  • Management consultants and experts in each field prepare a summary.
  • It corresponds to PC smartphone tablet.
  • It is summarized so that it can be read in about 10 minutes.

(* For non-Japanese, it may take longer)

  • Because you can choose from categories, it is easy to find a book that suits you.

There are categories such as “Skill-up career” “Self-development / mind” “Productivity / time management” “Leadership management” “Management strategy” “Entrepreneurial innovation” “Personnel” “Marketing” “Finance” “Technology IT” “Science” “trend”.



  • Free plan (free)

Viewable number: 20 (2 changes per month)

Number of additional contents: none

  • Silver Plan (500 yen / month)

Viewable number: Free plan + up to 5 from charged contents every month.

Number of additional contents: About 30 books every month

  • Gold plan (2,000 yen / month)

Viewable number:: Unlimited

Number of additional contents: About 30 books every month





  • A professional staff with abundant business experience is preparing a summary at about 3,500 characters.
  • You can read over 400 good books on the website anytime.
  • 2 or 3 books are newly added each week.
  • You can read it by email, too.
  • Distributing essential readers of business people such as new topics and long sellers.



  • Subscription (6 month contract) (1,500 yen / month)
  • Subscription (1 year contract) (1,350 yen / month)
  • Subscription (2 year contract) (1,275 yen / month)


* All amounts stated are without tax.

* The amounts of BOOK-SMART is the amount when converted in the monthly amount. Actually, users need to pay the amount according to the contract period.


Both sites introduced a new book “Job Theory” by Clayton M. Christensen (original title: Competing Against Luck), so I will link each of them for you. I think both are compactly summarized.


It will be a good story in a conversation with a Japanese business person, so please try it.



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