The answer to this question depends on the budget you can invest. This is because the fewer the number of students in a class, the more time you can spend on effective learning exercises, but the fewer the number of students, the higher the price per lesson.

Please also refer to the article “What learning methods work best?

In Class lessons, there will be many students so it will be like just a lecture, no customization.
In Group lessons, there will be some students, it will be better because you can have more opportunities to ask questions and speak.
In 1:1 lessons, the teacher can know your goal, preference, situation and strong points as well as your weak points and they can customize accordingly.
But, cost wise, 1:1 is top, group is second and class is the lowest.

Please refer to another article for lesson prices.

Here are some other things to keep in mind.
-Not many schools offer class lessons for intermediate or advanced students.
-Most of the participants in class lessons are young students and there may be no other business people in the class.
-Group and class lessons have fixed schedules. You can choose your own schedule for one-on-one lessons.
-It is easier to stay motivated when you have classmates.

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