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Japan Online School provides private one-to-one lessons using web cams and headsets on Skype. It is a totally new style of learning Japanese language.

sample movie Can online lessons be better than the classroom lessons? Yes! Qualified and experienced Japanese teachers are available for you wherever you are in the world, at a price you can afford.

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Mr.Michael Scheuner

J-OS student Michael-san

I have been studying with J-OS for about 3 months now. In this time, thanks to Ms. Yates, a skilled and highly professional teacher, my knowledge of vocabulary, kanji and grammar increased considerably, although i'm only taking 2 lessons a week. Nevertheless it's mandatory to invest a certain amount of time to keep the learned in memory. The teacher helps here with giving, correcting and reviewing a sensible amount of homework. I came to appreciate the geographical mobility that comes with learning over the net. Usually i'm at home when conducting classes, but in the case i'm busy at work, i can just fire up skype at my office-computer and take the lesson from there. There is no need to ,,, ---more

Mr.Yoann Rindel

J-OS student Yoann-san

I have discovered by chance J-OS school through their website, and I must say that I am very happy with the results so far. I have tried to learn Japanese by myself for about two years, studying text books on my own on a daily basis, but my conversation level remained very poor due to the lack of talking. My busy schedule didn't leave me any chance to follow lessons at school, and I thought that self learning was the only option for me. Then I discovered that I could take one-to-one online lessons with Japanese teachers for a very affordable price, and I am very satisfied with the quality of the lessons. ,,, ---more

Ms.Herfurth Melanie

J-OS student Melanie-san

I am not an IT-oriented person and I am always suspicious of language schools whether online or not as they rarely offer proper courses for people with intermediate/advanced level. But I have to say the connection test went smoothly although it was my first time using skype and the trial lesson was very good. I am very pleased with the support always efficient and the all the follow-up/information emails. I am also of course very pleased with my course with Okuyama-sensei. She easily adapts to my pace and when a lesson is finished I always have the feeling that some improvement has been made. She is also very patient in correcting my homework. ;-p ,,, ---more

Ms.Minna Zsofia

J-OS student Minna-san

I am very glad I finally decided to try and take lessons at J-OS. Taking online lessons is the only way for me to learn Japanese from a qualified native speaker in a flexible, time- and cost-efficient way. Although I am just a beginner and need a lot of help, both my teacher and the support staff at J-OS give me all the possible support I might need. My teacher tries to structure her lessons in a way ,,, ---more

Mr.Mark Ribble

J-OS student Mark-san

I absolutely love the service you offer. J-OS has been the solution to my problem of not having access to any Japanese classes where I live. One on one teaching is always the way to go if you have the opportunity. So I like this much better actually than a class environment because I'm able to learn faster. I would definitly recommend J-OS to anyone who is just starting or someone who is advanced. Domo Arigatougozaimasu J-OS!!!! Also a special thanks to my teacher Takenaka Sensei.:-) ,,, ---more

Mr.Robert Baruch
Software developer

Aside from a few phrases, I am a complete beginner in Japanese. There is nothing like having one-on-one live lessons for language learning. My main problem was finding a Japanese teacher locally that would teach during evening hours. Through J-OS and Skype, I suddenly had available to me any registered teacher anywhere in the world. And I don't even have to drive to a classroom, and my teacher is fluent in English,,, ---more

Management executive

Japan Online School is a time effective way to learn Japanese. You have the advantages of individual instruction without the inconvenience of travelling to meet your teacher.In a classroom situation I feel that a lot of time is wasted by copying information from a whiteboard/blackboard. I like the fact that with the online lessons I can just "cut and paste" my teachers notes. Simple. I also like the fact that I can do the lesson ,,, ---more


I was very impressed by the learning experience, as I had initially thought there may be some drawback in on-line learning, such as lack of contact or crossover talk due to connection speed, basically leading to an ineffective lesson. Quite the contrary, even when abroad on business trips in Europe I still find the exchange fast enough to pace through the lessons at my own speed rather than that of the Internet connection. Ueno-san, the ,,, ---more


I really enjoy taking lessons with J-OS. I have a very busy working life and I love the fact that I can come home, grab a cup of coffee and study Japanese from home. I have studied Japanese for a while and I really don't enjoy group lessons as it allows me to be lazy if I am tired. However, the one-on-one style at J-OS really allows me to focus and gives me very personalised and appropriate lessons so I feel like I learn a lot ,,, ---more

Mr.Justin B

I strongly recommend J-OS. My teacher is fantastic and lessons are built around whatever you want to study in that session. Also, I move around a lot - I've lived in three different cities in the last six months. J-OS has allowed me to keep studying Japanese with the same teacher throughout all my crazy moves, which would have been impossible otherwise. As you can tell, I'm very happy with the lessons I have here - I'm sure ,,, ---more

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